アフリカビジネス・ネットワーキングフェア 2019で各国学生・日本企業の方々との繋がりを見つけてきました

JICA主催「アフリカビジネス・ネットワーキングフェア 2019」に弊社代表野呂とGlobal担当齋藤が参加し、各国学生、アフリカに関心のある日本企業の方々との繋がりを見つけてきました。

JICA主催「アフリカビジネス・ネットワーキングフェア 2019」に、弊社代表野呂とGlobal担当齋藤が参加しました。

Our CEO, Noro, and Saito in charge of Global Unit joined African Business Networking Fair 2019.


In the opening ceremony, we listened to the speech of some organizations including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, we had a chance to know more about African market through networking with the students, listening to the reports by private and public sectors involved in African development, and the social in the end.



As soon as the networking event started, many students came to our booth. Noro and Saito explained our African business for them as we used the leaflet.

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DIVE INTO CODEが達成しようとしている教育のエコシステムとして、日本とアフリカの学生が教え学び合うサイクルについてお話ししました。日本人メンターから教わって卒業したルワンダ人メンターが今、日本人向けに教えている例を話すと、学生さん達は笑顔とともに興味を見せてくれました。


We explained the ecosystem of education we try to realize, in which Japanese students and African students teach each other and learn together. We told the students that the Rwandan graduate who was taught by Japanese mentors is now teaching Japanese students, and the African students showed us their interest with smile.

The success story of Robert seems to encourage African students.

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Among the students who came to our booth, many are interested in the internship at our company and some of them are interested in expanding our school into their home country.

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We have joined many networking events for ABE Initiative students, and we find that many of the students who come to our booth are interested in "education".


Some people think that education contributed a lot to the economical growth of Japan, and some African students trying to develop their home country may be interested in the education business provided by Japanese people.

JICA:ABEイニシアティブプログラム|Program of ABE Initiative

弊社:ABEイニシアティブ夏季インターンシップ | ABE Initiative Summer Internship



We had a chance to talk with the participants in the end of the event. We met some ABE Initiative students and Japanese people involved in African business as we had supper.

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We explained our business for others, and one of the participants from Japanese companies told us that she was interested in learning to code, so we explained our crowdfunding project. We provide the supporters with various returns, and one of them is a big discount of our curriculum.

クラウドファンディングページ|Crowdfunding Page


until April 22, 2019. 11:00 PM


As we talked with students from different countries, it got even clearer that IT education is needed in many African countries. We keep trying our best to spread IT education and employment opportunity in Rwanda and Africa.






Our African business blogs tell you about our everyday events, but if you are interested in the whole project of our business in Africa, crowdfunding page explains it best.

I am sorry it is only in Japanese, but I would appreciate it if you could check the above crowdfunding page, find the share buttons of Facebook and Twitter, and share it on SNS. Your support will help IT education and employment opportunities reach Africa. Thank you!

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世界平和への憧れから、国境を超えて人々を繋ぐ英語の存在に惹かれ外大英語科に進学。教職課程にて教育の持つ影響力を学ぶ。2017年8月外務省国際機関人事センターにてインターンを経験し、国際協力の在り方について学ぶ中、アフリカ経済に貢献するビジネスに関心を持つ。同年10月1日より、DIVE INTO CODE Global Unitインターン。教材の英語翻訳、ABEイニシアティブインターン受け入れを担当。

Sumiko SAITO
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, English Major
Majors in English because of interest in English, which connects people all over the world. Learned about the impact of education through the teacher training course. Internship at the department for human resource of international organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in August 2017. Through learning about international cooperation, got interested in business for Africa. Intern of Global Unit, DIVE INTO CODE Corp. since October 2017. Translated the curriculum and welcomed ABE Initiative interns.

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