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ABEイニシアティブ夏季インターンシップ | ABE Initiative Summer Internship

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DIVE INTO CODEのアフリカ展開のため、2018年8月から9月にかけ、ABEイニシアティブ生向けの夏季インターンシップを開催しました!

For our expansion into Africa, we carried out the summer internship for ABE Initiative students from August to September in 2018!

なぜ今ABEイニシアティブなの?なぜDICはABEに注目しているの? | Why ABE now?



ABE Initiative (Master’s Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth) program was announced by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) in 2013. It is a five-year plan which provides 1,000 people in Africa with opportunities to study and experience internships in Japan. For this plan, JICA invites companies welcoming ABE interns.


ABE Initiative program starts looking for students a year ahead of their arrival in Japan, screening them through examinations of English and mathematics, documents, and a television interview. The competition has been increasing from four to one at first, reaching to more than seven to one at the selection for the fourth batch.



DIVE INTO CODEは、ABEイニシアティブプログラムを通じて第3バッチ生1名、第4バッチ生5名の計6名を受け入れました。

DIVE INTO CODE welcomed six students; a student of the third batch and five students of the fourth batch.
They are from Senegal, Zambia, Uganda, Niger, Tanzania, and Ethiopia respectively.

DIVE INTO CODEアフリカ事業は、まずICT立国を掲げるルワンダで始めましたが、将来的には、プログラミングスクールをはじめとしたエンジニア輩出コミュニティの世界展開を目指しています。ABEイニシアティブプログラムを通じて、ルワンダを超えてアフリカ各国の優秀な人材と繋がり、現地のパイプ役となってもらうのが狙いです。

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Our business in Africa started in Rwanda, which develops as an ICT leader in Africa, but we aim at expanding our community to produce engineers such as a programming school into the world. We expect to connect with talented people in different countries in Africa, who can be intermediaries for business between their country and us.

DIVE INTO CODEのABE生向けサマーインターンシップとは? | What is DIC’s ABE summer internship like?


ABE Initiative Internship has two forms; summer internship for two weeks, and after-graduate internship for six months at maximum.

今回、DIVE INTO CODEが行ったインターンシップは、サマーインターンシップでした。短期間ではありますが、主催者と学生同士のインタラクティブな活動を通じて、DIVE INTO CODEのエンジニア輩出コミュニティを構築するビジョンや事業内容について知ってもらい、今後のビジネスチャンスについて考えを深めました。

The internship we did for this time was the summer internship. It is short-term, but we told the interns our vision of creating the community to produce engineers and our business through our interactive programs and we considered our future business opportunities together.


初日にはDIVE INTO CODE代表の野呂からインターン生へビジョンや事業内容について説明し、インターン生に自由に質問してもらいながら、会社概要を理解してもらいました。最終日は逆に、インターン生から社長に向けて、主にDIVE INTO CODEの母国での展開可能性についてプレゼンテーションしてもらいました。

The internship started with the presentation by the CEO Mr. Noro explaining our vision and business and students learned about the outline of our company as they ask questions. The final day was for the students to give presentations for the CEO, mainly on their business ideas through our collaboration in their home country.

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For the rest of the program, we learned to code in the morning and discussed various themes afternoon.

プログラミングの学習はDIVE INTO CODEのプロダクトである教材について理解してもらう大切な取り組みです。インターンシップ開始前から学習プラットフォーム「DIVER」でプログラミングを学び始めてもらい、インターンシップ期間中は、DIVE INTO CODEの特徴の一つである仲間との繋がりを体感してもらうべく、教え合い議論する機会を作りました。

Learning to code is an important program for the understanding of our main product, the teaching material. The students started learning to code with our online learning platform “DIVER” before the internship. During the internship, we provided them with the opportunities to teach each other and discuss so that they can experience one of the characteristics of DIVE INTO CODE, the chance to meet friends to learn with.

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Afternoon, we discussed different themes given by the students.


We mainly talked about the difference of cultures between Africa and Japan. They taught us what to keep in mind when starting business in Africa, considering that Christianity and Islam are dominant in Africa, and that they treasure family.

ムスリムは一日5回お祈りをしますが、イスラム教が主流の国でも「オフィスはモスクではない」と言って、宗教が仕事に支障をきたさないようにする考え方もあるそうです。会社との契約上許されていなければ、お祈りは帰宅後まで待ちます。一方で、お祈りのためのPraying Roomがあると、ムスリムとして受け入れられた感じがするとも言っていました。

Muslims pray five times a day, but even in a country where Muslims are in the majority, they still have an idea like “Office is not a mosque” and they try not to disturb their work for religion. If the contract does not allow, they can wait until they go home to pray. On the other hand, they also told us that they feel accepted when they find a praying room at office.



Some people think Japan has a severe hierarchical relationship, but I felt African people place importance on good form based on seniority in a family. The difference on propriety between Africa and Japan may lie on where they especially need to be polite; in society or in a family.



Also, what we should bear in mind is that different countries have different cultures in Africa. In Asia, Japan has a different culture from China or Korea, and it is true of Arica. Even a neighbor country is a different country.


Rwanda is a neighbor of Uganda, but they have different traffic rules and infrastructures, so it is said that Rwanda has safer motorcycle taxis. Regarding the language, Rwanda has a national language to unite the people, Kinyarwanda, but Uganda has various languages and no language is spoken by everybody in the country. The Ugandan student taught me the idea for Rwandan people as a Ugandan, a person from a different country.


We talked about the gender parity as well, and this is a problem Japan needs to consider too.

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インターン生インタビュー | Interview with an intern

インターンシップに参加してくれた学生Tallくんに、DIVE INTO CODEでのインターンシップについて聞いてみました。

I interviewed an intern, Mr. Tall.

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ABEイニシアティブ第3バッチ生(ABE Initiative third batch)

セネガル出身(from Senegal)
シェイク・アンタ・ディオップ大学在籍(Student of UCAD: Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar)
現在東京農業大学にて農業ビジネスを専攻(Studying agribusiness at Tokyo University of Agriculture)

齋藤「DIVE INTO CODEのインターンシップを選んだ理由は何ですか?」

Sumiko “What made you interested in the internship at DIVE INTO CODE?”


Tall “I chose DIVE INTO CODE for the internship because of the opportunity of creating an application. I was thinking of creating an app for data collection and information sharing for fisheries management in Senegal. This is because my research is about fisheries co-management in Senegal, and I faced some challenges regarding the data collection. Also, I was motivated by the opportunity of introducing a Japanese company to Senegal. About the application, I must learn more on DIVER lol”


Sumiko “You had a clear idea! I’m impressed. Now, tell me what you’ve learned in the summer internship and your prospect in the future.”

Tall「インターンシップを通して、DIVE INTO CODEの中核となるプログラミングについての理解が深まりました。具体的にはJavascript、DOM操作、jQueryなどたくさん新しいことを学ぶことができました。また、毎朝その日の目標を明確にし、1日の終わりには自己評価を行う時間があり、マネジメントシステムについても学びがありました。
今後はDIVE INTO CODEのセネガルや西アフリカ諸国への展開に貢献したいと考えています。DIVE INTO CODEのビジョンは、セネガルの現状に合っていると思います。この会社で長期インターンシップをすることにしたのもそのためです。」

Tall “During the internship, I learned about computer programming, which is the main concern of DIVE INTO CODE. For example, I learned a lot of new things like Javascript, DOM Manipulation, jQuery…On the other hand, I also learned some management system by fixing daily objectives and a self evaluation at the end of every workday.
My future expectations with DIVE INTO CODE is to contribute to their implementation in Senegal and west African countries in general. I consider that the vision of DIVE INTO CODE is very adequated with the Senegalese current situation. That’s one of the reasons I chose to participate in the long term internship here.”


Sumiko “You have such a wonderful sense of purpose. Looking forward to your future!”

Tallくんは3月から4ヶ月間、弊社で修了時インターンシップを行う予定です。夏季インターンシップ終了後、TallくんはDIVE INTO CODEのセネガル展開に向けたビジネスアイディアを話すために会いに来てくれました。セネガル屈指の優秀な大学から来た彼は、現地の繋がりも強力な上に考えもしっかりしている期待の存在です。東アフリカのルワンダから始めた弊社アフリカ展開ですが、彼がいれば西アフリカ展開も順調に行えそうです。

Mr. Tall is going to do internship at our company after his graduation for four months from March. After the summer internship, he came to tell me his ideas on business of DIVE INTO CODE in Senegal. He is from a distinguished university in Senegal, having wonderful friends and partners and also clear ideas; so hopeful! We started our expansion into Africa from Rwanda in the east, and it seems we can expand into the west without problem thanks to him.


By the way, Senegal is a French-speaking country, and Senegalese people need to study hard to be able to speak English, but he is fluent in French, English, Wolof (a language spoken in Senegal etc.), and he understands pular (spoken mainly in Guinea) at a conversation level, and even Arabic a bit. He is now learning Japanese as well.

フランス語圏に突入できれば、DIVE INTO CODEのアフリカ展開は一気に加速します!

We encountered a lot of talented people thanks to ABE Initiative, and we spent fruitful time.
Our expansion into Africa will accelerate once we reach French speaking countries!

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We will expand the IT learning opportunity into the world regardless of race, nationality, or language, with our trustworthy friends from ABE Initiative!

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世界平和への憧れから、国境を超えて人々を繋ぐ英語の存在に惹かれ外大英語科に進学。教職課程にて教育の持つ影響力を学ぶ。2017年8月外務省国際機関人事センターにてインターンを経験し、国際協力の在り方について学ぶ中、アフリカ経済に貢献するビジネスに関心を持つ。同年10月1日より、DIVE INTO CODE Global Unitインターン。教材の英語翻訳、ABEイニシアティブインターン受け入れを担当。

Sumiko SAITO
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, English Major
Majors in English because of interest in English, which connects people all over the world. Learned about the impact of education through the teacher training course. Internship at the department for human resource of international organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in August 2017. Through learning about international cooperation, got interested in business for Africa. Intern of Global Unit, DIVE INTO CODE Corp. since October 2017. Translated the curriculum and welcomed ABE Initiative interns.

DIVE INTO CODEのことをもっと知ってみませんか?