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2019年7月に開校した、DIVE INTO CODEルワンダ校。DIVE INTO CODE東京校から代表の野呂とメンターが1名、現地に渡航してプログラミングを教えてきました。

学習が進んで1ヶ月した頃に受講生インタビューを実施!Nadine Uwingabiyeさんにお話を伺いました。


DIVE INTO CODEでのプログラミング経験について教えてください。

“How do you feel this programming experience here in DIVE INTO CODE?”


Ms. Nadine “I had a good time in this first 3 weeks. Even though I missed some days, I already like programming. I had thought programming is for boys not for girls, but that stereotype was changed. I want to show that girls can write programming. I found that programming is an easy solution to solve problems in real life. I’m working hard and will try to use programming in real life.”


“Is programming fun or difficult?”


Ms. Nadine “It’s more difficult because you have to take your whole time for programming. If you don’t, you can forget some parts. But even if you fail today, tomorrow, and again and again, you can achieve what you need in the end. But still, it’s not easy.”



“How do you want to use programming for your country, Rwanda?”


Ms. Nadine “I will try to find a job and earn money. After I got money, I’d like to develop my own company that helps other students to study programming, and try to produce more employment.”


“How do you think about working with foreign countries’ developers?”


Ms. Nadine “It is a good idea because there are some other neighbor companies which is well experienced in programming. I will be glad to work with engineers from those companies.”



“What is your dream?”

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Ms. Nadine “Since 20 years ago, I really love flowers especially roses. I think I can produce many things with flowers. Now I don’t have money but I know programming will make money, so after I got a lot of money, I’d like to develop my flower company/flower farm. I will work for both my development company and my flower farm.”


DIVE INTO CODEに何か一言お願いします。

“Please give comments to DIVE INTO CODE”

Nadineさん「DIVE INTO CODEは日本に受講生さんがいるにも関わらず、アフリカまで来て私たちにプログラムを教えてくれている、素敵な会社だと思います。特に教育方法マインドセットが気に入っています。マインドセットはなぜ自分がここに来ていて、なぜ自分がプログラミングを学んでいるのかを常に意識させてくれます。好きなマインドセットは、『なぜあなたはエンジニアなのか?』『なぜエンジニアにならなければいけないのか?』『エンジニアになったらいったい何ができるのか?』です。素敵な教育機会をありがとうございます。」

Ms. Nadine “DIVE INTO CODE is a good company because you have other students in Japan but you came here in Africa to train us. I like the way of teaching and the mindset. Mindset helps us to remind myself why I’m here and why I’m studying programming. My favorite mindsets were ‘why are you a programmer?’ ‘why do you need to be a programmer?’ and ‘what can you do when you become a programmer?’ Thank you very much.

DIVE INTO CODEのことをもっと知ってみませんか?