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2019年7月に開校した、DIVE INTO CODEルワンダ校。DIVE INTO CODE東京校から代表の野呂とメンターが1名、現地に渡航してプログラミングを教えてきました。

学習が進んで1ヶ月した頃に受講生インタビューを実施!Armel Nizigiyimanaさんにお話を伺いました。


DIVE INTO CODEで1ヶ月間プログラミングを学んでみて、お気持ちはいかがですか?

How do you feel about learning programming over the one month in DIVE INTO CODE?

Armelさん「自分がどれだけできるようになるのかと、いつもワクワクしていました。オンラインでプログラミングを勉強すると、ひとりでやらなければならず、困ったときに聞ける人がいません。友達に聞くにしても、相当詳しい人でもないし、他はGoogleに頼るしかありません。しかし、DIVE INTO CODEでは、皆で学習し、困ったときに助けてくれるメンターもいます。とても良い環境だと思います。

Mr. Armel “I was so excited to be good this month. Learning programming online is done by yourself. There is no one who can ask or you can only ask your friends who don’t have much knowledge or google. But here in DIVE INTO CODE, we study together and there’re always some mentors whom you can ask when some problems occur. So, it was good.”


Is programming fun or difficult?


Mr. Armel “It’s fun to do. It’s not difficult. When you learn something, you need to start by understanding it. After you meet and debug a lot of errors, you can be a good engineer.”



How do you want to learn programming and use it in your own country?

Armelさん「まずはより経験を積むために、どこかの組織に3、4年ほど勤めたいです。その頃には、デキる人になっていると思うので、そのタイミングで起業して、ITに関係するスクールを設立したいです。Ruby on Railsではなく、他のプログラミング言語や、ネットワーク、データベースに関することを教えていきたいです。スクール以外にも、国や政府と問題解決をしていく会社も設立するかもしれません。」

Mr. Armel “I want to start by working for an organization and get more experience. So after 3 or 4 years, I will start my business because I think I would be a professional by the time. I may open schools related to IT. Not Ruby on Rails but some other programming language, network, or DB. I might also create a company whose task is to develop many solutions for the country or the government. “


How do you think about to work with a foreign country?

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Mr. Armel “I want to expand my business once I start my own. So I may start from Eastern Africa and expand to Southern Africa to Europe to Japan to… It would be not for countries but for the world.”


What is your dream?


“I want to do something great so that people can remember who I was and what I did.”

DIVE INTO CODEに何か一言いただけますか?

Please give a comment to DIVE INTO CODE.


Mr. Armel “Thank you for your operation and your time, this one-month staining in Rwanda. One month for me or for people who don’t do business is like a holiday, but for you, it’s different. I think you have a lot of stuff to do in Japan and one month is a really big deal for you. I hope you come back here and teach us again. I sometimes thought if you could stay here for 6 months. I saw you waiting for a phone call or some appointment sometimes. In my mind, I always wished those other people to help your work and you could teach us more.”

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