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アフリカ展開大きく前進!ルワンダICT商工会議所 所長アレックスさんとのワーキングディナー | A Big Step in the Expansion into Africa! Working Dinner with Mr. Alex, CEO of Rwanda ICT Chamber

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食事会にはDIVE INTO CODEメンバーの他に、

  • ルワンダICT商工会議所所長のアレックスさん(写真左端)
  • アレックスさんのご友人でルワンダICT省のポールさん(写真右端)
  • 元大使館勤務のサムエルさん(写真右から三番目)
  • DIVE INTO CODEアフリカ事業をご支援くださっている株式会社La torcheの大城さん・秋間さんご夫婦(写真左でお子様をお連れの方)


In order to proceed with our project of education for Rwandan engineers, we had conversation with key persons in Rwanda as we had dinner!
We had guests, who can be seen in the first picture; Mr. Alex, CEO of Rwanda ICT Chamber (on the left), Mr. Paul from Ministry of ICT in Rwanda (on the right), Mr. Samuel, who used to work in the embassy (the third from the right), Mrs. Oshiro and Mr. Akima from La torche, Inc. (on the left, with a child).


Mr. Alex and Mr. Paul are staying in Japan for a fortnight for JICA training.
It is said that even JICA staffs cannot easily meet Mr. Alex, but he spared time for us!

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We heard Christmas songs in the restaurant and we enjoyed talking about our culture on Christmas.
Christianity and Islam are predominant in Africa, and the majority of Rwandan people are Christian. Christmas is important for them!



Once we started discussing the business, the guests positively showed us their chance of cooperation. Mr. Alex even suggests lending the space for the project for free!

DIVE INTO CODEは、ルワンダ展開に必要な、現地の施設・強力な繋がりをほとんど確保することができました。お陰様で生徒さんも集まりそうです。

Now DIVE INTO CODE has access to the necessary facilities, and moreover, connections with reliable, wonderful people.
We have partners to help reaching future students.



In order to start our business in Rwanda, we need to guarantee the employment for the students after their graduation from our curriculum, and also we need to hire mentors to teach the students.


DIVE INTO CODEでは、一年間の活動の実績として、現地ルワンダに卒業生が3人います。
DIVE INTO CODEのカリキュラムにそって教育サービスの提供が可能なメンター候補が誕生しています。

DIVE INTO CODE already has three graduates in Rwanda as the outcome of our work for more than one year, which means we have potential mentors who can teach using our curriculum.


Fund-raising is necessary now. We will accelerate this project through crowd funding etc.


If you are interested in business in Africa or Rwanda, or bridging between Japan and the world, we are looking forward to your message!
Feel free to contact us please.

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世界平和への憧れから、国境を超えて人々を繋ぐ英語の存在に惹かれ外大英語科に進学。教職課程にて教育の持つ影響力を学ぶ。2017年8月外務省国際機関人事センターにてインターンを経験し、国際協力の在り方について学ぶ中、アフリカ経済に貢献するビジネスに関心を持つ。同年10月1日より、DIVE INTO CODE Global Unitインターン。教材の英語翻訳、ABEイニシアティブインターン受け入れを担当。

Sumiko SAITO
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, English Major
Majors in English because of interest in English, which connects people all over the world. Learned about the impact of education through the teacher training course. Internship at the department for human resource of international organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in August 2017. Through learning about international cooperation, got interested in business for Africa. Intern of Global Unit, DIVE INTO CODE Corp. since October 2017. Translated the curriculum and welcomed ABE Initiative interns.


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