このイベントは、JICA ICTイノベーションエコシステム強化プロジェクトによって支援されているルワンダの起業家の方々が、プレゼンテーションを通してサービスを紹介し、その後ネットワーキングができるイベントでした。

Saito in charge of Global Unit joined an event “Rwanda Startup Ecosystem Seminar”, where the Rwandan entrepreneurs supported by The ICT Innovation Ecosystem Strengthening Project of JICA introduced their services through presentations, and the attendants and the presenters exchanged cards with each other thereafter.

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ルワンダ・スタートアップエコシステムセミナー|Rwanda Startup Ecosystem Seminar

ICTイノベーションエコシステム強化プロジェクト|The ICT Innovation Ecosystem Strengthening Project



The following Rwandan startups presented their business.

レイジン社|Raisin Ltd.

イベントや交通機関のEチケットがネット決済を通してスピーディに購入できるイベント管理サービスAkokanyaを運営している。”ako kanya”はルワンダ語で「今すぐ」という意味。

Operates an event management service Akokanya. “ako kanya” is a Kinyarwanda expression which means “right away”, and this service provides technology which assists the speedy purchase of event / transport tickets online.

ハッチプラス社|Hatch Plus Ltd.

携帯の通知機能を搭載し遠隔操作が可能な鶏卵の孵化器Smart Egg Incubatorを扱う。ルワンダは鶏、卵ともに80%以上を輸入に頼り、地方の鶏卵孵化技術支援が不足しているという社会課題に着目。

Deals with Smart Egg Incubator, an egg incubator with remote accessibility and mobile notifications. 80% or more of chickens and eggs are imported in Rwanda, but there is not enough technical assistance for operating egg incubators locally, and this product tries to solve this problem.



eJobu is an online platform where service providers and employers / clients can find each other, especially for IT industry. This company tackles the problem that it is hard to hire trustworthy workers online, leading to a high rate of unemployment in Rwanda.

エクストラ・テクノロジーズ社|Extra Technologies Ltd.


Operates AICOS, a database management system. Rwandan agricultural cooperatives used to manage information in paper medium, but this service makes information updating smooth and reduces management cost.

オー・ジーニアス・プライオリティー社|O’genious Priority Ltd.

教育プラットフォームO'genious Pandaを展開。書籍へのアクセス、理科の実験のシミュレーションをパソコン上で行うことができ、教育の質の向上に貢献している。

The service O'genious Panda realizes better quality of education with online library and virtual labs for simulations of science experiments which can be done on a computer.




The program was interactive thanks to the attendants positively asking questions after the presentations by the entrepreneurs, who tackle the social problems related to industries and cultures of their own country.

Rwandan successful technology startups told us the growth of Rwanda with a national ICT strategy.

最後はルワンダICT商工会議所 副会頭 Jimmy Rutabingwaさんによって閉会の挨拶が行われ、前半のプログラムが終了しました。

The former part of the program finished with the closing address by Mr. Jimmy Rutabingwa, vice chairman of Rwanda ICT Chamber.

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Rutabingwaさんにご挨拶しDIVE INTO CODEを紹介すると、笑顔で応えてくださいました。

After the closing address, we had a networking opportunity.
I introduced myself as DIVE INTO CODE to Mr. Rutabingwa, and he replied with a smile.

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ソフトウェア人材をはじめとしたIT人材に特化している人材紹介会社EjbuのCEO、TUYIZERE Samuelさんに話しかけました。

I talked to Mr. TUYIZERE Samuel, CEO of Ejobu, related to employment of software engineers.

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DIVE INTO CODEがルワンダを中心にアフリカでエンジニア育成を行ない、次のステップは就職先を提供することだと伝えると、まさにそんなパートナーを探していたと言ってくれました!

DIVE INTO CODEはプロフェッショナルを目指す人のためのプログラミングスクールです。


I told him DIVE INTO CODE trains engineers in Africa, especially Rwanda, and the next step is finding their employment opportunity, and he said he was looking for us!
He wants a partner who can train senior software developers and other high-end tech skills so that he can build a huge database of well qualified and well paid freelancers both in Rwanda and Africa.

DIVE INTO CODE is a programming school for those who try to become a professional engineer.

We have found a wonderful partner who can lead to our future success!

続いて、Akokanyaを運営するレイジン社のKalisa Olivier Rindaさんにもご挨拶しました。

I also greeted Mr. Kalisa Olivier Rinda from Raisin Ltd.

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Now we have a chance that our African engineer education can lead to their employment opportunities thanks to the connections with Rwandan technology startups.

We keep trying our best for the sake of everybody including our graduates and partners!

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世界平和への憧れから、国境を超えて人々を繋ぐ英語の存在に惹かれ外大英語科に進学。教職課程にて教育の持つ影響力を学ぶ。2017年8月外務省国際機関人事センターにてインターンを経験し、国際協力の在り方について学ぶ中、アフリカ経済に貢献するビジネスに関心を持つ。同年10月1日より、DIVE INTO CODE Global Unitインターン。教材の英語翻訳、ABEイニシアティブインターン受け入れを担当。

Sumiko SAITO
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, English Major
Majors in English because of interest in English, which connects people all over the world. Learned about the impact of education through the teacher training course. Internship at the department for human resource of international organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in August 2017. Through learning about international cooperation, got interested in business for Africa. Intern of Global Unit, DIVE INTO CODE Corp. since October 2017. Translated the curriculum and welcomed ABE Initiative interns.

DIVE INTO CODEのことをもっと知ってみませんか?