Saito in charge of Global Unit had an interview with Tall, an ABE Initiative intern planning to work with us from March this year, and asked him about the prospects for the future activities in ディープロ. He is from Senengal, and is going to work on developing our company in Senegal.


We had another interviewer, Mr. Toru Ariyoshi, the representative of Africa Business Support. He has been to 40 countries (including 14 countries in Africa) and has experience of business in Africa for 11 years, and he provides Africa business consulting services to Japanese companies. He gives us an adequate advice for our business in Africa, including Senegal expansion.

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Our expansion into Africa began with our entry into Rwanda, in the east of Africa.
Rwanda is easy for a programming school to approach because the Rwandan government thinks much of ICT industry, and also, Rwanda is an English-speaking country, where it is easy for us to do business.




The majority of African countries can be classified into either English-speaking or French-speaking countries.

Therefore, it is strategic to expand into a French-speaking country after succeeding in developing in Rwanda as an English-speaking country in order to accelerate our expansion into other countries.

We are trying to prepare for the future Africa expansion by welcoming an intern who speaks French.

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ABEイニシアティブ第3バッチ生|ABE Initiative third batch
セネガル出身|from Senegal
シェイク・アンタ・ディオップ大学在籍|Student of UCAD: Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar
現在東京農業大学にて農業ビジネスを専攻|Studying agribusiness at Tokyo University of Agriculture

齋藤「Tallくんは夏季インターンシップにも参加してくれましたが、その後長期インターンシップのため、とても具体的なビジネスアイディアを説明するために時間を取って話しに来てくれたのが印象的でした。Virtual Universityについてそこで知りましたが、それに関するアイディアについて、更に詳しく聞かせてください。」

Saito “You joined our summer internship, and I was impressed when you spared time to explain your concrete business idea to me for the post graduate internship. I learned about the Virtual University at that time, and I would like to know more about it.”

Tall「セネガル政府は公立大学が不足していて、国民全員の平等な教育機会に課題を抱えていました。そこで登場したのがVirtual Universityです。遠方からの学生など大学に通学するのが困難な人まで教育の機会を提供するために、学生がオンラインで授業を受け教材を読み課題を提出し卒業することができるプラットフォームがあります。ただエンジニア育成コースについてはまだ満足のいく質になっていないので、日本のエンジニア教育プログラムの導入が喜ばれると考え提案しました。」

Tall “Senegalese government lacks public universities, and it has trouble in providing the people with equal education, and it now has the Virtual University instead. Those who cannot commute to a physical university because of the distance benefit from the Virtual University with its platform where the students can take courses, read teaching materials and submit tasks online to graduate from the university. On the other hand, the quality of their engineer education courses is not satisfactory so I thought they would welcome a Japanese educational program for engineers.


Saito “Reading the texts and submit tasks online sounds similar to ディープロ curriculum! Do the Senegalese people welcome us?

Tall「セネガルでも、日本といえば高クオリティというイメージが強いので、日本のプログラミングスクールで教育を受け卒業証書を手に入れるというのはとても魅力的です。また、国家プロジェクトであるVirtual Universityと連携することで政府と繋がることが、DVE INTO CODEにとっても利益に繋がると思います。政府から認識されれば質が公式に証明され、その後民間の教育機関に展開するのもスムーズになると思います。」

Tall “Senegalese people believe that Japanese products have a high quality, so they will be attracted by the certificate of a Japanese programming school. Also, I think ディープロ will benefit from connecting with the government by collaboration with the Virtual University, the national project. If the government recognizes ディープロ, the quality will be public, and it will be easier to approach private schools.

齋藤「Virtual Universityって、どの程度のレベルなのでしょうか?」

Saito “What is the level of the Virtual University?”

Tall「もともと高校卒業後に行きたい大学に行けなかった人の受け皿として機能していたのですが、最近は国内の優秀な学生を決めるコンペでVirtual Universityの学生も活躍しています。今では自らVirtual Universityを志望して入学する人もいます。」

Tall “It used to work as a final option for those who could not go to a physical university, but recently a student from the Virtual University won in the national competition of academy. These days some students choose to go to the Virtual University of their own will.


Saito “It is a promising educational institution! I will be happy if I can contribute to it as ディープロ. I truly thank you for your interest in our company and these actions.”

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Mr. Ariyoshi “What changed after knowing ディープロ?”


Tall “I used to think it would be advantageous if I finish the ABE Initiative Program and get a Japanese degree, but after knowing ディープロ, my future prospects changed a lot. Personally, I got interested in creating applications because I faced some challenges regarding the data collection in my research about fisheries co-management in Senegal. Becoming an engineer benefits all the people majoring in any field. Now I am afraid people misunderstand how to use IT in Senegal.”


Mr. Ariyoshi “How is the situation of IT in Senegal? For example, what percentage of the young generation has their mobile phone?”


Tall “100% of university students have one. They do not have smartphones but they have cheaper ones, and they have access to the internet. But they are not taking advantage of them. They use internet to enjoy SNS, and sometimes post inappropriate contents in terms of security, so they need education concerning the internet too. If they enjoy SNS, they could learn to code and create their own blog, and they could start their own business.


Mr. Ariyoshi “What is your expectation from ディープロ for the sake of its success?”

Tall「Virtual Universityを使ってサクセスストーリーを生むことです。政府プロジェクトを通してディープロの卒業生が誕生し活躍すれば、ブランドになります。ブランドが生まれれば次に繋がっていきます。」

Tall “It should have one success story in the Virtual University. If it has some successful graduates in the government project, it will give a value to the brand, and it will lead to the future success.”


Tallくんは友人を通じてVirtual Universityのトップの方との繋がりを見つけてくれています。また、有吉さんはセネガル大使館の方との繋がりも見つけてくださいました。抜群のコミュニケーション能力・対人関係能力と発想力で、ディープロのアフリカ展開を引っ張ってもらっています。

Tall has found connection to the head of the Virtual University through his friend. Also, Mr. Ariyoshi has met an official in the Embassy of Senegal. They help us expand into Africa with their communications ability, interpersonal relationship skills, and their ideas.



We have a clear prospect for the future development thanks to the cooperation of positive members.

We aim at spreading IT education in all Africa.


We now focus on financing the first school in Africa, which we have prepared for a year and a half in Rwanda as the English-speaking country.
We are currently working on crowdfunding, and the detailed information will be public soon. We would appreciate it if you could support and cooperate with us.

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世界平和への憧れから、国境を超えて人々を繋ぐ英語の存在に惹かれ外大英語科に進学。教職課程にて教育の持つ影響力を学ぶ。2017年8月外務省国際機関人事センターにてインターンを経験し、国際協力の在り方について学ぶ中、アフリカ経済に貢献するビジネスに関心を持つ。同年10月1日より、ディープロ Global Unitインターン。教材の英語翻訳、ABEイニシアティブインターン受け入れを担当。

Sumiko SAITO
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, English Major
Majors in English because of interest in English, which connects people all over the world. Learned about the impact of education through the teacher training course. Internship at the department for human resource of international organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in August 2017. Through learning about international cooperation, got interested in business for Africa. Intern of Global Unit, ディープロ Corp. since October 2017. Translated the curriculum and welcomed ABE Initiative interns.