Web Engineer Course

Job achievement program

The program aims at finding a job

The Web Engineer Course is aimed at developing human resources who will make a professional start in a short period of time.
Emphasis is placed on the development of human resources who have strong on-site knowledge, and cover as much as possible the knowledge and technology used in the field of engineering.
"Take the first step in becoming a web engineer".

This project is funded by 336 Japanese citizens. We aim at matching our ideas to the vision of the Republic of Rwanda.

Road to Web Engineer

  • Introduction
  • Curriculum
  • 1.Pre-test / interview

    Pre-tests are available only for full-time students.

  • 2.CurriculumTotal learning time 720 hours

    • Introduction

      Learn the basics of programming

    • Basic studies

      Be able to develop alone

    • Employment

      Acquire on-site skills

Strengths of DIVIC Curriculum

  • Practical training issues

    We will work on the materials used by Everyleaf Co., Ltd. (a trustee company that handles Ruby on Rails) for training newcomers. In this way, you can reach the minimum required level in the field of engineering.

  • Code review

    In the original application development and portfolio development, it is not about "only codes". We will conduct a rigorous review of each and every student to ensure that it is a valuable practical code.

  • Team development

    As with most sites, you will use GitHub to add functionality to applications that are already partially complete.
    Be prepared to move as a team member as soon as you penetrate the industry.

  • Introduction

    Learn the basics of programming

    content of study

    • HTML・CSS
    • Git/GitHub
    • JavaScript
    • Ruby
    • RDBMS / SQL
    • Introduction to Web technology
    • Have an image of what programming is

      First, copy text and edit code such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL..., one by one.
      You will learn how the programming is done.

    • A small program can be created while looking at the text

      Some texts have a small task at the end. By looking at the texts and solving those tasks, we will steadily make the curriculum knowledge one's own.

    • Be able to pass the task with the cooperation of a mentor

      Once the curriculum is complete, we will create a portfolio of tasks to practice what you have learned. There are only tasks that can not be passed in a straight line, but examine it yourself, organize the mistakes, and what you can not do, This works with the guidance of a mentor through questions and answers cycle.

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  • Basic studies

    Create application

    • Introduction to Ruby on Rails
    • Introduction to ActiveRecord
    • Introduction to Heroku
    • Local environment building
    • Basics of Ruby on Rails
    • Tuning
    • -Login system
    • -Security
    • -association
    • -Action Mailer
    • -Image upload
    • -Active Record
    • Become able to create a mock-up of web application

      After learning the basics of programming, let's continue using Ruby on Rails You will create a web application. Ruby on Rails may be hard for the first time. In an unfamiliar situation, it will be difficult, but you will steadily understand the content of the misunderstood parts by asking to mentors one by one.

    • Become able to debug by yourself when an error occurs

      At the implementation stage of the code, various errors occur for various reasons. In such situation, the engineer is strongly required to have the ability to read the error statement by himself, grasp the cause, and solve it. The ability to solve problems will improve as you learn from the perspective of error statements, with the help of your mentor.

    • Be aware of the difference between good code and bad code

      In the basic studies task, we will not only check, but also confirm that it is a real "good code". After the code reviews, you will learn how to write code in general.

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  • Employment

    Experience tools and development cycles used in the field

    • Practical skill training (company entry issues, training issues)
    • Web technology practice
    • Vue.js
    • AWS environment building
    • Source code reading
    • Simulation Project Team Development
    • -Ansible
    • -Rubocop
    • -Redis
    • -bugsnag
    • -Batch processing
    • -Graduation assignment/Original application development
    • Be able to understand how many levels you could get into practice

      In the Employment phase, we will advance the task in a practical way, under the assumption “If you actually find a job ...”. First of all, by tackling training issues that are actually used in companies, we will work to understand the minimum level of practical training and improve your level for a bette adaptation.

    • Become able to experience team development

      After learning all about Ruby on Rails, we will work on team development using GitHub so that you won't have to worry about going to the field. You will also learn about external tools that are often used in conjunction with Ruby on Rails.

    • Become able to develop an original application

      After completing all the curriculums, as a compilation, in parallel with preparation for job hunting activities, we will develop a portfolio that showcases your abilities. Make good use of what you have learned so far to succeed your graduation and employment.

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  • A more detailed curriculum can be downloaded here

Learning schedule

Full-time attendance

  • Introduction
  • Curriculum
  • Pre-test / Interview

  • CurriculumFor 4 months

    • Introduction


    • Basic Studies


    • Employment


Weekday example

8:00-8:15 Morning session, today's work theme confirmation
8:15-12:00 Self-study
12:00-13:00 Lunch,Break
13:00-16:30 Programming workshop
16:30-17:00 Closing session, feedback (KPT)
(Home study)
Text preparation

Online question and problem support

All business days 8:00-16:00 Kigali time

Curriculum work

Monday to Friday: 8:00-17:00(DIVIC RWANDA)

Employment guarantee after graduation

Practical training issues

In order to be active in society as a professional Web developer, you usually need working experience to penetrate the market. We guarantee two months of work experience for our graduates. almost all of the graduates in Japan will achieve a job as a Web developer if they can have a work experience of two months as a full-time.

After graduation, we will assign you to a development project as a team member. We offer the opportunity to develop as a full-time for two months. Then, the opportunity of having a career as a web developer will be expanded, such as finding jobs at local companies, outsourcing overseas development projects, and mentoring in programming schools, etc.


  • Representative mentor

    Hiroyoshi Noro

    MBA Engineer Lecturer. I have experienced four career changes in different industries and occupations. With the spirit "I can do everything if I commit myself.” At the age of 29 years old, I succeeded the employment examination of a famous development company in Japan “Works Applications company” While experiencing entrepreneurship, I realized a lack of engineers in the industry. I founded "DIVIC" to give the opportunity to those who challenge to become professional engineers so that they can seize the opportunities in the field. "We will do our best to start your engineer's career."

  • Lecturer

    Nishimwe Robert

    I majored in pharmacy at university, and I got his first job at a pharmacy. Now I am working as a mentor in DIVIC remotely from Rwanda, and I still works for the pharmacy.I was born and grew up in Rwanda, and I has never been to Japan. I graduated from our curriculum by learning with our teaching material totally online after the very first seminar in Rwanda, which was held by our CEO, Noro.

Engineer project

Here are some examples created by students in their own projects

  • An app "discovery note" that rediscovers what you thought through reading

    It is an application to record the growth of the mind through the cycle of "recording, reminiscing, adding" what you thought about reading a book. Today, I can remember what I was thinking a few years ago. https://discovery-note.herokuapp.com

  • Feel free to send a congratulatory message in timeline format. "Happy Timeline"

    In the scene of marriage, birth, birthday, admission, graduation, etc., also from distant people, collect messages in a timeline format,               It is an application that can provide words like a letter. Users other than the admin can use the dedicated URL without needing to log in. When you create a web application to write a congratulatory message to everyone at your friend's wedding?               I created it based on my experience of receiving the words of blessing. https://safe-brushlands-45752.herokuapp.com

  • An English-speaking dictionary application "YET" where you can try your best with friends

    YET, same meaning with "still from now". In addition to creating a lexicon, there is a function that allows you to share registered words, and a function that allows you to perform a total review of words in a game-like manner, It is an English word book application that has functions to follow other users and send messages, and is full of devices to keep you motivated. https://dic-graduationapp.herokuapp.com

  • Music sharing and discovery service "Cycle"

    It is an application that aims to match people who can compose and people who can write lyrics to create ideas together. It was made with an awareness of SNS specialized in music. https://floating-brushlands-74764.herokuapp.com/

  • Event holding and participation management application "circle"

    "I want to do such an event", "I want to do it if there is such an event", It is an application that aims to create a new community through events, in response to such requests. https://circle-event.herokuapp.com/

  • Shared site "jobmiru" specialized in "What skills do you learn?"

    A site for sharing voices of employees who have actually worked, specializing in "What skills did you acquire?" And "What do you specifically do?"

    Make it possible for everyone to be able to select a company based on what they can do and what they avtually do specifically, and to help them improve their individual skills, By reducing the number of job mismatches, it was created with the aim of reducing unintended turnover and improving overall productivity in Japan.

Web Engineer Course Job Achievement Program Features

  • Human network in which learning and work circulate

    With DIVIC, you can make friends with each other. Learning programming by yourself may be frusturating, but it can be overcome if there are friends to learn together with. There are also opportunities to interact with other students and alumni, and connections with peers will continue even after graduation.

  • Curriculum that fosters on-site problem solving skills

    We have prepared a baptized curriculum that aims to enable you to work as a professional engineer in the field from inexperienced level. Through practical work and team development, we expect you to be a web engineer that companies want in the shortest path.

  • Thorough student support

    We support self-promotion such as how to proceed with learning and setting goals. If the progress is delayed, it is possible to consult with a mentor and set new goals. We will do our best to help you achieve your goals.

Course outline


Enrollment fee: ≈ $1000 (tax included) 0 yen

Tuition: ≈ $5000 (tax included) 0 yen


For full time

For 4 months (Mon ~ Fri) 10:00~19:00

Application Requirements

  • Age: in the 20's
  • Graduated from Science University
  • Strong desire for employment as a full-time engineer or full-time mentor after completion

Pre-test exam application